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    Black Pepper Crab: Soup that has distinct black pepper taste and aroma with a crab taste.
    Spicy Seafood: Seafood broth which gives you spicy & distinct seafood aroma and taste.
    Kyushu White: Chicken base flavour having a distinct aroma and a hint of seafood taste.
    Mushroom Chicken: Broth has good balance of mushroom and chicken aroma.
    Laksa: Laksa curry with right balance of spices and coconut milk which gives distinct aroma.
    Chilli Crab: Semi-thick broth with a good combination of sweetness and saltiness along with Chilli Crab paste gives soup the balanced seafood taste.
    SeafoodSeafood broth which gives you creamy & distinct seafood aroma and taste.
    Chicken BrothChicken broth with a savoury flavour and a distinct chicken aroma.
    Tom Yam SeafoodHot & Sour flavour along with tom yam paste gives soup the enhanced aura of spiciness and makes it aromatic with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.
    Korean Army Stew: Special smoky flavoured oil with perfect balance of Chilli Spiciness & Umami with Kimchi garnish!
    Size: 72-80g

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